Amazon AWS – S3 Storage Overview – Part 6

S3 – Simple storage service – S3 is a safe place to store your files. Its an Object based storage system and the data is spread across multiple devices and multiple amazon facilities. S3 Storage is highly  secure,reliable,  Scalable Object storage service. Amazon provides simple web interfaces to S3 storage and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the web.  S3 has been built to provide 99.99% availability and Amazon Guarantee that. Amazon Grantees  99.999999999% durability for data which is stored on S3 cloud Storage. Amazon S3 follows “Read after write consistency” for PUTS of new Objects to ensure the data consistency. At the same time, the overwrite PUTS & DELETES.

S3 can’t be used to install operating system or database and you need block based storage for those. Here is the few examples for the object based storage and block based storage in traditional environments.

  • Object Based Storage :  NFS , CIFS , SMBFS ..etc..
  • Block based Storage : ext3, ext4 , ZFS , vxfs , XFS ..etc.


Key Points about S3:

  • S3 is an object based storage systems
  • S3 will allow to upload / Download the files from anywhere in web.
  • Files size can be from 0KB to 5TB
  • It’s a unlimited storage space
  • Files are stored in buckets. Buckets are nothing but a directory .
  • S3 is a universal namespaces. So the bucket name must be unique.
  • The successful file upload code is 200.
  • It provides 99.99% availability
  • Amazon guarantee’s  99.999999999%  reliability
  • Tiered Storage Available for life cycle management.


S3 Object Parameters:

  • Key – File name of the Object Name
  • Value – Actual Data – Made up a sequence of data.
  • Version ID – File versioning .
  • Metadata – Data about the date your are writing the file.
  • Sub Resources – Access Control Lists


S3  – Storage Classes:

  1. S3 Standard – 99.99% Availability + 99.999999999% Durability
  2. s3  Standard – IA  (Infrequently Accessed Data) – Lower Fee than s3
  3. S3 – Reduced Redundancy Storage – 99.99% Availability + 99.99 Durability
  4. S3 Glacier – Very Cheap but used only for archival. It take 4 to 5hrs to retrieve the data.


S3 - Tier Table

S3 – Tier Table


Standard Standard IA Glacier

S3 vs Glacier

Transfer Acceleration:

Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration enables fast, easy and secure transfer of files over long distances between client and s3 bucket. Transfer Acceleration takes advantages of Amazon Cloud-front’s globally distributed edge location, data is routed to Amazon S3 over an optimised network path.

Amazon charges based on ,

  • Amount of Storage  that you consume.
  • No of Requests that you place in S3 to retrieve the data.
  • Storage Management Prizing
  • Data Transfer prizing
  • Transfer Acceleration


Hope this article covered the basics of S3 Amazon object storage. In the upcoming article ,we will see that how to use s3 object storage.


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