openstack Architecture and components overview

Let’s talk about Openstack  architecture and Components . In the last article ,we have seen the history of private cloud softwares and Openstack. OpenStack is a cloud computing platform that controls large number of  compute nodes , storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter, all managed through a dashboard(Horizon) that gives administrators control while empowering their users to provision resources through a web interface. Openstack provides an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution through a set of interrelated services.


Here is the list of openstack Services , project name and description.

Service Project name Description Requirement
Dashboard Horizon Web-Based Dashboard Mandatory
Compute Nova Create virtual Machine  & manage VM Mandatory
Networking Neutron Software defined networking (Advanced Networking) Optional
Object Storage Swift  Store files & Directories Optional
Block Storage Cinder Volume & Snapshot Management Mandatory
Identity service Keystone Creating Projects/User/Roles/Token Management/Authentication Mandatory
Image Service Glance To Manage OS Images Optional
Telemetry Ceilometer Monitoring & Billing purpose Optional
Orchestration Heat HOT(Heat Orchestration Template) based on YAML Optional
Database Service Trove Database as a Service Optional
Hadoop as Service sahara Hadoop as Service Optional
Messaging RabbitMQ Messaging Mandatory

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Conceptual architecture

The below diagram shows how the openstack components are interconnected.



How Openstack works ?

Openstack can’t be directly installed on  hardware. It requires operating systems which supports virtualization in the back-end. At present , Ubuntu(kvm), Redhat enterprise Linux(kvm) , oracle Linux(xen) , Oracle Solaris(zones), Microfsoft Hyper-v, VMware ESXi  supports openstack cloud platform.  That’s why openstack is the strategic choice of many types of organizations from service providers looking to offer cloud computing services on standard hardware, to companies looking to deploy private cloud, to large enterprises deploying a global cloud solution across multiple continents. Rackspace and HP are offering public cloud via openstack cloud platform.



Hope this article is informative to you.  In the next article ,we will see the deployment of Openstack on Ubuntu.


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