Cloud Computing Trends In 2014

Cloud Computing Trends In 2014

Cloud computing is getting a lot of attention and is being adopted more and more since it has the ability to change according to the needs of businesses. Small businesses can also benefit from providers that offer benefits like big data analytics and application services to incorporate cloud computing in their long-term. Have a look at the following trends that have upsurged in 2014:

The Beginning of Industrial Internet

2014 will see the rise of Industrial Internet for changing the way operations takes place. The solutions will be provided with the combined efforts of intelligent machines, big data analytics and end-user applications. These machines will have software defined structure with intelligent capability to operate and control using a centralized, remote location. This is where Cloud Computing platform will come into play and will have a major role in shaping it.

Data Center Consolidation

Data center consolidation is a process where an organization strategizes to decrease the IT assets it has by adapting better technology. As per the experts it will be the new driver that will drive private cloud computing which will help in generating cost efficient methods and greater competency. The next-gen data center architectures will be in need of logical infrastructure segmentation so that there can be multiple applications which require secure and exclusive environment a private cloud channel of their own.

The hybrid cloud

When it comes to public vs. private cloud implementation there are two sets of viewpoint regarding their respective advantage for IT. But with hybrid clouds that consist of benefits of both can help in gaining the security provided by private clouds and can be scalable and low cost like public clouds. Due to this hybrid nature many businesses have started adopting cloud-based infrastructure. Hybrid cloud can be customizable along with high security resulting in a lot of data space and protection at the same time.

Growth of Platforms-as-a-Service

There will be a definite rise in companies which seek to use PaaS solutions in coming years. It basically reduces IT costs and increases the speed for application development as it is better at testing and deployment. And with more and more complexity in web and mobile apps more companies will look at custom PaaS solutions which are industry specific.

Big data

Big data and cloud computing has been competing but on a closer look many of the providers and businesses have noticed that it is far more valuable combining the two. Big data on one hand is the most practical option available that is beneficial for big data analytics especially with its feature that provide scalability and is accessible regardless of the size of organization and the amount of resources.

Easy SMB application protection

It is no secret that cloud computing offers a lot of advantages to small and medium-sized businesses, too, which is why cloud providers are trying to explore new ways to make it more accessible and affordable. Many small businesses cannot really afford complete application testing program or costly tools meant for safety but cloud application protection is trying to make it possible now. It lets companies scan source code that are on the web applications to check for changes that might be due to cyber attacks. Also the advantage of using cloud is that it is always available on demand.

 BYOD Expansion

Companies all across the globe are using the BYOD – Bring Your Own Device policies and will only expand at a fast pace due to the evolving cloud computing sector. There are several wireless devices used by individuals today that are operated using the cloud for storing or accessing valuable company data. IT personnel are researching and looking for ways to simplify cloud services by making it available through mobile device management in order to organize and track activities.

Enterprise mobility solutions will be delivered faster with cloud computing

MBaas or ‘Mobile as a service’ is trying to utilize cloud computing for developing mobility solution in a quicker way since it has rich features like backend integration for mobile, push notifications, social integration, data store and API support. And with the evolution of ecosystem there will be a time when it will mature into a legacy system designed for the mobile-first world.

Performance Emphasis

When cloud first came into existence the IT managers were concerned about the security and loss of control but slowly the emphasis has moved towards cloud performance. Businesses need a reliable service that can perform with full capacity especially during critical times. Since cloud is no longer new and is tried and tested there is a trust that is built upon keeping in mind its usability for sensitive applications.

 Improved Recovery Services

Cloud computing is smart when it comes to disaster recovery because it backs up old data offsite and recovers data at a faster pace. Virtualization allows the entire server including the operating system be stored into a virtual server and is ready for copying at an offsite data center in mere minutes. As the virtual server data is independent there is a safety and accuracy in transferring data from one source to another.


These are just a few trends of many that are gaining momentum with the expansion of cloud computing. The huge amount of growth in it has fueled greater innovation in organizations that can save a lot of money on operations. With more and more businesses adopting cloud there will be many more advantages added to its functionality and much more development will take place in future. Platform independent web-powered apps are going to grow as predicted by experts in this year. For now, the organizations that are using this technology can gain out of it.

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