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How to take console of Oracle VM guest ?

To install a guest operating system , you have to take the oracle VM guest console from OVM manager web-portal. This console is also required for each guest operating system troubleshooting the booting failure or administration purpose. Unlike VMware’s vm console , oracle VM console , required some per-configuration to access from other network. oracle VM console also requires Java and VNC-Viewer to get the guest console.(Tightvnc or Tigervnc). Here we will see the various methods to accessing the OVM guest console from windows and Linux systems.

Method:1 Launching Guest OS console from windows systems

1.Login to Oracle VM web-portal.Select the guest and click on the console icon to launch the guest console.

oracle VM Guest console
oracle VM Guest console

2. After clicking the guest console, it will download file like below one.

oracle VM Guest console - JNLP File
oracle VM Guest console – JNLP File

3.Click on the file and it will open in Java.

Oracle VM Java opens
Oracle VM Java opens

4.If you get an java exception error,Make sure your java settings are like below and OVS & OVM servers IP’s are added in exception. (Control-Pannel – > Java)

Java Security exception
Java Security exception

5.If you get a below error , then you have to install tightvnc or tigervnc on your system.

Failed to connect VNC viewer
Failed to connect VNC viewer

Once you have installed tightvnc on your system, you need to give the VNCviewer path to java. You may have one small java window after launching the console. Even though console failed, you may still have that window. Just provide the vncviwer executable path to that like below. (Note: vncviewer path may vary for you)

Provide the VNCviewer path to Java
Provide the VNCviewer path to Java

6.Again try to launch the console.

Oracle VM guest console failed
Oracle VM guest console failed

Again failed.

7.I tried to install tigervnc-java rpm on oracle VM manager ¬†as per oracle document. But didn’t help to launch the console.

[root@UA-OVM Desktop]# rpm -ivh tightvnc-java-1.3.9-3.noarch.rpm 
warning: tightvnc-java-1.3.9-3.noarch.rpm: Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 1e5e0159: NOKEY
Preparing...                ########################################### [100%]
	package tightvnc-java-1.3.9-3.noarch is already installed
[root@UA-OVM Desktop]#

8.So finally i have tried with https connection and that worked . open the browser and enter “https://oraclevm_manager:7002” .Login to the oracle VM manager and select the guest to launch the console. (Refer step1) . It will download the JNLP file and just open it.(Step 2)

Console of OVM Guest
Console of OVM Guest

OVM guest console has been launched successfully from the windows systems.

Click on page 2 see that how we can access the guest console from oracle Linux (OVM Manager)


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  1. I did the following and experienced an error for OVM Manager 3.4
    1. Create a virtual network
    2. Create virtual machine named [TESTOVM] which resulted into created a VNIC
    3. Installed OS and configured hsotname
    4. Configured networking by editing the VNIC config file (/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-[VNIC]).

    However, I experience a destination host unreachable when I try to ping the VM [TESTOVM] from a different server. Any clue why? Btw, I can’t ping the gateway from my TESTOVM

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