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How to install Oracle VM manager on Oracle Linux ?

Oracle VM manager provides graphical web-based interface to administrate network , storage infrastructure of oracle VM servers.It provides a centralized management environment for oracle VM servers and oracle VM for SPARC environments.Since it provides  web interface, you can manage the oracle VM servers from anywhere .To install oracle VM manager , you need  oracle enterprise linux operating system . Oracle VM manager applications  uses oracle database  and weblogic software .This oracle VM manage is similar to VMware vCenter server.You can see the Oracle VM and VMware vSphere comparison. Here we will see how we can deploy the oracle VM manager on oracle Enterprise linux operating system

Requirement :

  1. Operating system – Oracle enterprise Linux 6
  2. Physical Memory – 8GB
  3. CPU – 1
  4. Disk free space – 10GB
  5. Oracle VM Manager software . ( It can be freely downloaded from oracle website)

1. Login  to the oracle enterprise Linux 6  as root user.

Oracle Enterprise Linux
Oracle Enterprise Linux

2.Download the oracle VM manager software from oracle and mount the ISO using below commands.

[root@UA-OVM ~]# cd Desktop/
[root@UA-OVM Desktop]# mount -t iso9660 -o loop V29653-01.iso /mnt
[root@UA-OVM Desktop]# df -h /mnt
Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
                      2.4G  2.4G     0 100% /mnt
[root@UA-OVM Desktop]#

3.Go to /mnt and list the directory contents.

[root@UA-OVM Desktop]# cd /mnt
[root@UA-OVM mnt]# ls -lrt
total 100472
-r-xr-xr-x. 1 root root     11696 Dec 15  2011 upgrade
-r-xr-xr-x. 1 root root       429 Dec 15  2011 runUpgrader.sh
-r--r--r--. 1 root root       172 Dec 15  2011 oracle-validated.params
-r-xr-xr-x. 1 root root      9323 Dec 15  2011 createOracle.sh
-r-xr-xr-x. 1 root root 102843523 Dec 15  2011 ovmm-installer.bsx
-r-xr-xr-x. 1 root root       475 Dec 15  2011 runInstaller.sh
-r--r--r--. 1 root root      6960 Dec 15  2011 LICENSE
-r--r--r--. 1 root root      6960 Dec 15  2011 EULA
dr-xr-xr-x. 2 root root      2048 Dec 15  2011 components
[root@UA-OVM mnt]#

4.Make sure that your system hostname has been added to /etc/hosts file.

[root@UA-OVM mnt]# uname -a
Linux UA-OVM 2.6.39-200.24.1.el6uek.x86_64 #1 SMP Sat Jun 23 02:39:07 EDT 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[root@UA-OVM mnt]# ifconfig eth0
eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0C:29:C6:3E:29  
          inet addr:  Bcast:  Mask:
          inet6 addr: fe80::20c:29ff:fec6:3e29/64 Scope:Link
          RX packets:4749 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 frame:0
          TX packets:50 errors:0 dropped:0 overruns:0 carrier:0
          collisions:0 txqueuelen:1000 
          RX bytes:395140 (385.8 KiB)  TX bytes:5921 (5.7 KiB)

[root@UA-OVM mnt]# vi /etc/hosts
[root@UA-OVM mnt]# cat /etc/hosts |grep UA-OVM	UA-OVM
[root@UA-OVM mnt]#

5.Prior to start the installation, run the “createOracle.sh” script to create the prerquesties.

[root@UA-OVM mnt]# ./createOracle.sh 
Adding group 'oinstall' with gid '54321' ...
Adding group 'dba'
Adding user 'oracle' with user id '54321', initial login group 'dba', supplementary group 'oinstall' and  home directory '/home/oracle' ...
Changing ownership of '/home/oracle' to oracle:dba
Creating user 'oracle' succeeded ... 
Verifying user 'oracle' OS prerequisites for Oracle VM Manager ...
oracle	soft	nofile		8192
oracle	hard	nofile		8192
oracle	soft	nproc		4096
oracle	hard	nproc		4096
oracle	soft	core		unlimited
oracle	hard	core		unlimited
Setting  user 'oracle' OS limits for Oracle VM Manager ...
Altered file /etc/security/limits.conf
Original file backed up at /etc/security/limits.conf.orabackup
Verifying & setting of user limits succeeded ... 
Creating mountpoint '/u01' ...
Modifying iptables for rule RH-Firewall-1-INPUT(default)
Adding rules to enable access to :
     7001  : Oracle VM Manager http
     7002  : Oracle VM Manager https
     15901 : Oracle VM Manager VM console proxy
     54321 : Oracle VM Manager core
Firewall rule RH-Firewall-1-INPUT does not exist, please configure iptables manually.
[root@UA-OVM mnt]#

6.Run the “runInstaller.sh” to install the oracle Database,weblogic and Oracle VM manager .This script will automatically configures everything.This script will prompt to select the instalaltion type. Here i have selected “demo” so that it will install oracle XE database. For real production environment ,you need to select “Production”. This script will prompt for new admin password and you need to provide the password with combination of numbers and letters. It won’t accept the special characters.

[root@UA-OVM mnt]# ./runInstaller.sh 

Oracle VM Manager Release 3.0.3 Installer

Oracle VM Manager Installer log file:

Please select an installation type:
   1: Demo
   2: Production
   3: Uninstall
   4: Help

   Select Number (1-4): 1

Starting demo installation ...

The Demo installation type will use an XE database.  The usage of XE is for *demo purposes only* and is not supported for production. Please 

*do not* plan to start with XE and migrate to a supported version of the database as this may not be possible. For production environments or 

any long term usage please use the "Production" option with an SE or EE database.
   1: Continue
   2: Abort

   Select Number (1-2): 1

Verifying installation prerequisites ...

One password is used for all users created and used during the installation.
Enter a password for all logins used during the installation: 
Enter a password for all logins used during the installation (confirm): 

Verifying configuration ...

Start installing the configured components:
   1: Continue
   2: Abort

   Select Number (1-2): 1

Step 1 of 9 : Database ...
Installing Database ...
Retrieving Oracle Database 11g XE ...
Installing Oracle Database 11g XE ...
Configuring Oracle Database 11g XE ...

Step 2 of 9 : Java ...
Installing Java ...

Step 3 of 9 : Database Schema ...
Creating database schema 'ovs' ...

Step 4 of 9 : WebLogic ...
Retrieving Oracle WebLogic Server 11g ...
Installing Oracle WebLogic Server 11g ...

Step 5 of 9 : ADF ...
Retrieving Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) ...
Unzipping Oracle ADF ...
Installing Oracle ADF ...

Step 6 of 9 : Oracle VM  ...
Retrieving Oracle VM Manager Application ...
Extracting Oracle VM Manager Application ...
Installing Oracle VM Manager Core ...

Step 7 of 9 : Domain creation ...
Creating Oracle WebLogic Server domain ...
Starting Oracle WebLogic Server 11g ...
Configuring data source 'OVMDS' ...
Creating Oracle VM Manager user 'admin' ...

Step 8 of 9 : Deploy ...
Deploying Oracle VM Manager Core container ...
Deploying Oracle VM Manager UI Console ...
Deploying Oracle VM Manager Help ...
Enabling HTTPS ...
Granting ovm-admin role to user 'admin' ...

Step 9 of 9 : Oracle VM Manager Shell ...
Retrieving Oracle VM Manager Shell & API ...
Extracting Oracle VM Manager Shell & API ...
Installing Oracle VM Manager Shell & API ...

Retrieving Oracle VM Manager Upgrade tool ...
Extracting Oracle VM Manager Upgrade tool ...
Installing Oracle VM Manager Upgrade tool ...
Copying Oracle VM Manager shell to '/usr/bin/ovm_shell.sh' ...
Installing ovm_admin.sh in '/u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/bin' ...
Installing ovm_upgrade.sh in '/u01/app/oracle/ovm-manager-3/bin' ...
Enabling Oracle VM Manager service ...
Shutting down Oracle VM Manager instance ...
Restarting Oracle VM Manager instance ...
Waiting 15 seconds for the application to initialize ...
Oracle VM Manager is running ...
Oracle VM Manager installed.

Please wait while WebLogic configures the applications... This can take up to 5 minutes.

Installation Summary
Database configuration:
  Database host name          : localhost
  Database instance name (SID): XE
  Database listener port      : 1521
  Application Express port    : 8080
  Oracle VM Manager schema    : ovs

Weblogic Server configuration:
  Administration username     : weblogic

Oracle VM Manager configuration:
  Username                    : admin
  Core management port        : 54321
  UUID                        : 0004fb000001000084c8f61f94c15c69

There are no default passwords for any users. The passwords to use for Oracle VM Manager, Oracle Database 11g XE, and Oracle WebLogic Server 

have been set by you during this installation. In the case of a default install, all passwords are the same.

Oracle VM Manager UI:
Log in with the user 'admin', and the password you set during the installation.

Please note that you need to install tightvnc-java on this computer to access a virtual machine's console.

For more information about Oracle Virtualization, please visit:

Oracle VM Manager installation complete.

Please remove configuration file /tmp/ovm_configIvsA4Z.
[root@UA-OVM mnt]#

7.Once the installation is completed, you need to validate the Oracle Linux firewall settings. By default , it blocks everything . You can run the below command to flush the iptables.This change will not persist across the server reboot.

[root@UA-OVM mnt]# iptables -F
[root@UA-OVM mnt]# iptables -L
Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination         

Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination         

Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
target     prot opt source               destination         
[root@UA-OVM mnt]#

8.To disable iptables permanently across the system reboot, use the below set of commands.

# /etc/init.d/iptables save
# /etc/init.d/iptables stop
# chkconfig iptables off

9.Now you can access the OVM console from web-browser using below URL from any system if you have network connectivity.

Oracle VM Manager UI:

10.Here is the login console for OVM manager.

OVM console Login
OVM console Login

11.OVM home page will looks something like below one.

OVM console Home Page
OVM console Home Page

Oracle VM manager installation is very easy.Oracle has integrated their top softwares like oracle Database,Weblogic with  oracle VM manager.From here you can add the oracle VM  servers and create a server pool for virtual machines provisioning.We will see those things in upcoming articles. Stay tuned.

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  1. i have 8 physical server as the existing server’s now i bought server above as i mention to put all in 1physical host.

    i have x3550 M5, 3TB hdd, 18cores. now i have installed oracle vm server 3.3.3 directly… and i have installed oracle vm manager 3.3.3 on oracle linux 6.0 in my desktop . 4cores, 4GB ram and 500GB hdd….and im stuck i dont know what to do next..

    1TB for all virtual server and 2TB for all data generated from virtual server’s

    but, i dont know how and where i start. and also i want to figure out on my own how to setup this kind of fantastic setup using powerful software like oracle vm server & oracle vm manager.