How to Upgrade ilom firmware on oracle sun servers ?

Oracle is mainly focusing on ILOM hardware  console for their x86 and SPARC Blade servers. Only M-series servers are having  XSCF prompt for dynamic domain configuration. In this article, we are going to see how to upgrade the system ilom firmware and BIOS for x86,openboot prompt for SPARC on oracle (sun)blade servers.System administrators should maintain the latest version of ilom and BIOS for oracle(aka sun)Blade servers in order  to eliminate the system failures.

You can download the firmware from oracle support website.

  • Before proceeding to the blade’s firmware upgrade, operating system should be halted.Otherwise,ILOM will try to halt the system gracefully if that’s not possible,ilom forces the OS shutdown and that may corrupt the filesystems.
  • Do not perform any tasks while upgrade takes place.Because ILOM enters in to special mode during the firmware upgrade and no other tasks should be interacted.

1.Enter the ILOM ip address on the web browser .You will be re-directed to below login page.

ILOM Web login page
ILOM Web login page


2.After logging in to the ilom, you will get the below page.

Overview Page-ILOM
Overview Page-ILOM


3.Click on the version tab to see the current firmware details.

Firmware version details
Firmware version details


4.Navigate the webpage to Maintenance — > Backup /Restore.Select the operation as “Backup” and transfer method as “Browser”. Here we can take the current configuration backup .Enter passphrase as some numbers and you need to supply this numbers during the configuration restore. Once you have done,just click on run to save the configuration.

Configuration Backup
Configuration Backup


  • Firmware upgrade may take less than 10 to 15 minutes. ILOM will reset after the upgrade automatically.
  • Take the backup of the current configuration.You can restore the configuration from chassis if lost the current configuration after the upgrade.
  • Check whether preserve configuration check box is enabled while upgrading the firmware.

5.Login to the operating system and halt it .(init 5).


6.You can see the power status of blade in the overview page itself.

Power off status.
Power off status.


7.Again back to maintenance tab . Firmware upgrade – >Enter upgrade mode.

Entering into upgrade mode.
Entering into upgrade mode.


8.Click on the browse and provide the complete path of firmware file which you have downloaded from oracle support website.

Specify the firmware Image location
Specify the firmware Image location


9.Check Preserve Existing configuration is enabled or not.If not enabled , select the check bios.

Preserve the existing configuration
Preserve the existing configuration

 Below window will popup to warn about the firmware upgrade.

Warning - Popup
Warning – Popup


10.You can monitor the upgrade progress in “current Update progress” tab .

Firmware upgrade progress
Firmware upgrade progress


11.Here you can see the BIOS and service processor  firmware updates have been finishsed .

Firmware update has been Finished

Firmware update has been Finished


12.You will get the below notification saying that SP will restart.Try to reconnect after 5 to 10 minutes to get the ilom console back.

SP will restart now
SP will restart now


13.Once you got the ILOM console back, you can login and check the firmware version. You can see newer version of firmware will be updated.

Firmware version
Firmware version

We have successfully upgrade the Ilom and BIOS from to version.

This procedure will be applicable for all the x86 and SPARC blades which are using the ILOM. You can also use the same procedure for SUN chassis firmware upgrade as well and you no need to halt the blades for chassis upgrade.

For your information,below systems are using ILOM.

X64/X86 Systems       SPARC Systems         Chassis
Sun Server X4-2 SPARC M6-32 Sun Blade 6000 Modular System
Sun Server X4-2L SPARC M5-32 Sun Blade 6048 Modular System
Sun Blade X4-2B SPARC T5-2 Sun Blade 8000 Modular System
Sun Blade X6220 SPARC T5-4 Sun Blade 8000P Modular System
Sun Blade X6240 SPARC T5-8 Sun Netra 6000 Modular System
Sun Blade X6250 SPARC T5-1B
Sun Blade X6270 Netra SPARC T5-1B
Sun Blade X6270 M2 Fujitsu M10-1
Sun Blade X3-2B Fujitsu M10-4
Sun Blade X6275 Fujitsu M10-4S
Sun Blade X6275 M2 SPARC T4-1
Sun Blade X6440 SPARC T4-2
Sun Blade X6450 SPARC T4-4
Sun Blade X8400 SPARC T4-1B
Sun Blade X8420 SPARC T3-1
Sun Blade X8440 SPARC T3-2
Sun Blade X8450 SPARC T3-4
Sun Fire X2100 M2 SPARC T3-1B
Sun Fire X2200 M2 Sun Blade T6300
Sun Fire X2250 Sun Blade T6320
Sun Fire X2270 Sun Blade T6340
Sun Fire X2270 M2 Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000
Sun Fire X4100 Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000
Sun Fire X4100 M2 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120
Sun Fire X4140 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5140
Sun Fire X4150 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220
Sun Fire X4170 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240
Sun Fire X4170 M2 Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440
Sun Server X3-2
Sun Fire X4200
Sun Fire X4200 M2
Sun Fire X4240
Sun Fire X4250
Sun Fire X4270
Sun Fire X4270 M2
Sun Server X3-2L
Sun Fire X4275
Sun Fire X4440
Sun Fire X4450
Sun Fire X4470
Sun Server X2-4
Sun Fire X4500
Sun Fire X4540
Sun Fire X4600 M2
Sun Fire X4640
Sun Fire X4800


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