How to Deploy Openstack on VMware vCenter Server ?

KVM(Kernel based virtulization) is the default hypervisor on openstack cloud software but KVM may get heavy competition from VMware ESXi hypervisor in future.VMware’s self service functionality “vcloud director” may discontinued since openstack is gaining more market share on that place.In today’s virtulization market, VMware is king and its higly impossible to replace by openstack but many custormers would like to run openstack on top of vmware. VMware may continue to occupy the datacenter space but openstack is almost established on IASS  cloud market.

Before seeing the deployment ,we should know how VMware and openstack works together. 

OpenStack + VMware
OpenStack + VMware

If you look at the above diagram, VMware ESXi in the bottom and vCenter is server is in the middle to make the translation between openstack and VMware vSphere products. vSphere driver and vSphere datastore drives ensure the communication between vcenter server and openstack’s plugins.

Each openstack components has to do some specific job .

  1. Nova – Computing Node
  2. Neutron – Networking
  3. Cinder – Volume service
  4. Glance – Image store
  5. Swift – Object Store
  6. Keystone – Identify service
  7. Horizon – Dashboard

Here we will see how we can deploy the openstack appliance on VMware ESxi using vCenter web-client.

1.Download the openstack appliance(VOVA) from VMware community to deploy .

2.Login to the vCenter web-client and right click on the cluster or ESXI to deploy.

Deploy OVF Template VOVO 1
Deploy OVF Template VOVA


3.Click on the local file and provide the VOVA file location for deployment.

Deploy OVF Template - Openstack
Deploy OVF Template – Openstack


4.Review the details of Openstack appliance and click net to continue.

Openstack - Havana Review
Openstack – Havana Review


5.Enter the Openstack appliance name and Select the datacenter to deploy.

Select the Datacenter to deploy openstack appliance
Select the Datacenter to deploy openstack appliance


6.Select the provision type for storage and select the datastore.

Select thik or thin provision for Havana
Select thick or thin provision for Havana


7.Select the network for the appliance. (You can give dedicated network to this.)

Select the Network for Havana
Select the Network for Havana


8.Customize the Havana template according to your  environment by providing the complete vCenter server information.

Customize the Havana Template

Customize the Havana Template


9.Here is our openstack appliance summary.Click finish to start the deployment.

Summary of Havana
Summary of Havana


99% of openstack appliance deployment fails with following messages.                                                                                                 “Failed to deploy OVF package: The request was aborted: The request was canceled or The task was canceled by a user”

In this cases ,just convert OVA file to OVF and try to deploy it . Make sure you have used the download manager to download the VOVA.ova file since its 3GB~.

10.After the successful deployment, You can see new virtual machine is created ,Just power on it.

Power on Openstack Appliance
Power on Openstack Appliance


11.Open the browser and enter the openstack(Havana)’s Management IP address (Refer Step 9). It will take you to the openstack login page.

Openstack Login page
Openstack Login page


12.Just login using the default credentials provided in the above image.It will take you to the famous horizon dashboard.

Openstack Dashboard
Openstack Dashboard

That;s all about openstack deployment on VMware vSphere environment. Here onwards ,its all about openstack and IAAS  (Infrastructure as service). If you are familiar with Openstack , just create a instance and see how its works.

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