Latest OS Patch Bundles for Solaris

I am not happy to post Non-Technical posts on UnixArena. But I felt this post will be helpful for Solaris administrators to find the latest OS patch bundles from Oracle. Customers would like to install latest OS patch bundles to keep their  systems update to date.As Unix Admin, we have to provide those patch bundles information to them.In a order to find the latest patch bundles,you need an access to oracle support.

1. Login to oracle support.

2.Click on Patches & Updates tab.

3.Click on Recommended Patch Adviser.You will get below screen.

4.Select the Product as Oracle Solaris.(You can just type it there).

5.For an example,If your systems  are running with Solaris 10 8/07 (Update4),then select that and select the right platform.Start your search now

6.Search results will bring you to the below screen.

7.Click on that highlighted link to get the below screen where you can start OS patch bundle download.

8.Do not forget read the “Readme” file. It will help you to solve complex issue while installing OS patch bundle.

You can also check the latest patch bundles in Patch corner (Oracle’s Blog).

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Hope this post will be help you to download new patch bundles from oracle.
Thank you for visiting UnixArena. Good Luck for your OS patching. 


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  1. If I log in to Oracle support link to download the patches. It is pointing me to enter Support Identifier. Can use any trial support identifiers? if yes where can get Support Identifiers. For redhat 7.3 we can get temporary registration and we can work on patching the server similarly do we have any option for solaris 10 to get hands free in patching?