VMware vCenter 5.1 SSO Installation Step by Step Guide

This article is part of VMware vCenter Server 5.1 installation series.The vCenter Single Sign On authentication service make the environment more secure and it allows various vSphere components communicates using secure token exchange mechanism to tighten the security.If you are installing vCenter server on your environment for first time, then you must install Vmware vCenter 5.1 SSO (Single Sign On). In next subsequent installation of VMware vCenter servers,you can use same SSO service and  no need to install it separately.

Login to windows 2008 server in which you want to configure vCenter server.

1.Copy the “VMware vCenter Server 5.1” directory to windows 2008 server and  execute the Vmware-SSO-Server.exe from “Single Sign On” Directory.

2.Select English and press OK to continue to install necessary libraries .

3.Click Next to continue the installation.

4.Click Next to continue the installation.

5.Accept the license to proceed the installation.

6.Select the first option to create a new vCenter Single Sign On service.

7.If you not using SSO in high availability,Install the basic SSO by selecting the first option.

8.By default ,SSO create a user admin and we just need to provide the admin password.
Note:You need to provide these credentials while installing vCenter server and vCenter Inventory server.

9.Install a local Microsoft SQL server if you do not have an existing supported database.

10.If the DNS is not configured ,Just enter the server IP address (windows 2008 server).

11.Select the SSO installation directory .

12. vCenter single sign on port information.

13.Click to “Install” to continue the installation.

14.This setup will installs SQL server 2008 R2.

You will get below screen while installing SQL 2008 R2.

15.Setup starts the VMware vCenter SSO services automatically.You can check the services status in “services.msc” console.

16.Click Finish to complete the installation.

17.You can see the installation status in the %temp% logs .
Log File name:vim-sso-msi.txt.

Now You have successfully installed Vmware vCenter SSO server .The Next step will  be installing VMware vCenter Inventory Server.

Thank you for reading the article.