UnixAdmin:Best SSH/TELNET Tools

Unix Admins would like to have one of the best ssh/telnet tools on their desktop.If we say best tools, what are the features it should have by default? Now a days there are many tools available in market which are coming with great features.These ssh tools should have session log saving feature and also it should support multiple protocols like telnet,rlogin and serial.So that admins will no need to maintain to have different tools for those protocols.

Here we will see some of the best ssh/telnet terminal emulation software list.I am sure this list of tools will provide variety of choice to the system admins.Click the images to download the tools.

This is one of the simple and very traditional ssh/telnet client and widely using terminal emulation software.It supports ssh,rlogin and telnet protocols along with an xterm terminal emulator.In this tool you have an option to save the session output in file and also you can change the terminal 
background color and font type.Putty is available for Linux and windows.

2.Secure CRT:
Secure CRT is one of the most advanced terminal emulation software from VANDYKE software company.It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms.It provides advanced session management and a host of ways to save time and streamline on repetitive tasks.Using secure CRT ,you can transfer the files using SFTP and TFTP protocols. 

Reflection one of the most secured ssh terminal emulation software from Attachmate.
It also provides file transfer protocol like SFTP and SCP to transfer file from Unix to windows.Reflection is only available for windows platforms.

4.TN3270 Plus:

TN3270 is a terminal emulation software for windows platform to connect IBM mainframe,IBM iseries, and Unix.It supports only telnet.

5.Absolute telnet:
Absolute telnet is a flexible ssh/telnet terminal emulator from celestial software.This software is very suitable to developers .This terminal screen looks like putty screen but it has more advanced features than putty on session control and multiple session options.

6.eSSh client:
eSSH Client is a built in ssh/telnet client that acts as an advanced multi task client in itself.It also supports file transfer protocols likeFTP, SCP and SFTP. It supports X11 forwarding and tunneling like putty.The eSSH Client automatically checks for updates from website and every time you start the application. If there is an update available it prompts you to start the auto updates. 

7.ZOC – SSH/Telnet Client:
ZOC is another SSH/Telnet software from EmTec-Innovative software which is available for windows and MAC platforms. It has very impressive list of emulations it lets you easily connect to hosts and mainframes, using ssh and telnet.You can Customize this tool to meet your preferences and needs.

8.Tera Term:
Tera Term is an open source free terminal emulating software.Its available only for windows platform.

MobaXterm is a all in one  remote computing tool.The single executable file bundled  with ssh client,telnet,rlogin,VNC.RDP,and X11 server.It also supports multi-tab functionality.

Hope now you have many options for ssh/telnet client tools. If you know other than above tools ,Please add it in comment field .I will update the article accordingly.

Thank you for reading this article.