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Enterprise Infrastructure Monitoring Softwares

The enterprise monitoring system can be divided in to two parts.1.System monitoring 2.Application monitoring. System monitoring may cover anything external to the application like Operating systems,Memory,CPU,Switches,Routers and Networking and other infrastructure components. Application monitoring may covers availability of application and its performance. Monitoring system is only way to find the system failures and application failures across the organization. So we need to carefully choose the best monitoring systems for your environment to reduce the system and application down time.And also the monitoring software should not overload systems by consuming more CPU time and memory.Supporting virtualization (like vmware,zones,LDOMs,LPAR,Xen, Hyper-V and vpar) is must in current market strategy. Here is the list of monitoring software which are very popular in the current infrastructure market. 


BMC’s “Availability and Performance Management”  provides end to end monitoring solutions for infrastructure components.It offers various sub-products according to the business requirement.

For the Enterprise & Cloud

  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
  • BMC Cloud Operations Management
  • BMC Application Performance Management

For End Users and Applications

  • BMC Application Performance Management
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
For the Mainframe
  • BMC Mainframe Performance Management
  • BMC Middleware Management
For Networks and Storage
  • BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
  • Entuity Network Monitoring for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management
  • Sentry Software Monitoring for BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides rich monitoring features as a foundation for monitoring all components of your IT infrastructure (Oracle and non-Oracle) as well as the applications and services that are running on them. These features enable IT to proactively monitor and resolve issues by business priority, implement operational best practices for monitoring, and provide consistent, high quality service in support of business goals.


Centerity Monitor Enterprise provides single pane of glass for the entire IT and network environment with real time visibility of any element including servers, network devices, applications, Storage, Data-bases, passive equipment, Security devices and much more.

Distributed monitoring nodes:

Centerity Monitor enterprise edition allows collection of information from multiple distributed nodes with no geographical limits.

Single pane of glass:

All information gathered and displayed in single pane console with advanced event correlation and root cause analysis as well as business services availability views.
Centralized Management and Configuration:
Administration and configurations can be done in very short time using the central administration console.
Centerity Enterprise edition enable multi-tenant management. Ideal for MSP’s and large corporate with multiple entities and several stand-alone networks.
Ticketing and Assets management:
Integrated asset management allows you to track all hardware and software inventory from central console, catalog and specify solutions for problems in order to avoid waste of time and mislead information about occurrences.
Centerity Enterprise edition was designed to collect, store and analyze tens of hundreds to hundreds of thousands monitored metrics and KPIs through wide range of technique and protocols.


SolarWinds delivers agentless application and server monitoring software that provides monitoring, alerting, reporting, and server management. This affordable, easy-to-use server monitoring software supports multiple hardware vendors including Dell™, HP®, and IBM System x®, along with the underlying hardware for your VMware® hosts. It only takes minutes to create monitors for custom applications and to deploy new application monitors with Server & Application Monitor’s built-in support for more than 150 applications. Server management capabilities allow you to natively start and stop services, reboot servers, and kill rogue processes.


The highlight of this product is that its on OS independent,storage independent monitoring solution. It supports all the major OS and Storage boxes.Splunk is completely free for personal use.In this edition you may not have some features which are available in Enterprise edition which a is paid version. Splunk Storm also available in free and paid versions which will be used for cloud. Splunk has a wonderful graphical user interface for monitoring the alerts and detecting the issues from the infrastructure.This software can installed in Solaris X86,Solaris SPARC,HP-UX,AIX,OSX,FreeBSD and windows.


Hyperic HQ comes in two product editions. Each edition includes a combination of powerful monitoring and management features designed to meet the unique needs of your company.
Hyperic HQ Open Source Edition: Full function monitoring and management for small environments with low to medium complexity
Hyperic HQ Enterprise Edition: Full function monitoring and management, with automation and intelligence features designed for larger, more complex environments.Both editions can be downloaded for free. The Hyperic HQ Enterprise trial is a fully functional, time-limited evaluation copy that can manage up to 50 resources.


Unified Service Monitoring is an enterprises adopt emerging technologies like cloud computing, virtualization and SaaS we are seeing IT shift from the back-office to a front-office function that delivers business services to customers and users. But with this shift comes a corresponding increase in the complexity and criticality of monitoring.Opsview is uniquely positioned to offer a truly unified and affordable view of your critical business services & IT infrastructure.By giving unparalleled visibility into every layer of your IT infrastructure,Opsview helps operations teams plan and prioritize their response to events according to their impact on your business services.


IBM Tivoli Monitoring helps you optimize IT infrastructure performance and availability. This proactive system monitoring software manages operating systems, databases and servers in distributed and host environments. By providing best practices for identifying and resolving infrastructure problems, Tivoli Monitoring can help maximize the efficiency of your IT department. Tivoli Monitoring helps you identify and fix outages and bottlenecks that threaten key applications before they impact customer satisfaction.


Today’s businesses demand high performing IT services and cost-effective decisions for optimizing and improving application delivery. Meet the challenge with CA Infrastructure Management, which provides you with discovery, fault isolation, root cause analysis, configuration and change management, performance management, traffic analysis, trend analysis and predictive capacity planning for your entire infrastructure.

  • Scale to the largest, most -demanding environments
  • Simplify IT and reduce MTTR with cross-domain correlation
  • Visualize performance on a single dashboard
  • Make informed decisions with quick access to the right information
HP’s complete offering of technology, services and education enables customers to implement quickly, operate effectively and optimize continuously. Backed by global services and support, the comprehensive HP OpenView portfolio offers organizations a single point of contact for their IT management needs.HP OpenView AssetCenter, based on technology gained through HP’s acquisition of Peregrine Systems, offers full lifecycle asset management – a first for HP. The solution aligns business services to the required assets, providing a framework for end users to understand the financial impact of their consumption of IT and controls for managing consumption to the budget.

Note:All the software vendors logo/images and description took from their websites.