Sysconfig – Configuration Differences between Solaris 11 and Solaris 10

Solaris 11 has significant changes in the way Solaris administrator  interact with it in day to day operations. Oracle get rid of the text files approach in Solaris 11 and brought admin commands instead of that.Here we are going to see about sysconfig command which will be used for configuring  system,un-configuring system,and profile creation.This is an Solaris 10’s “sys-unconfig” command replacement and its no longer available in Solaris 11. Let’s see about sysconfig command and its sub-commands operations 

Host Identity:

In Earlier version,we have “sys-unconfig” command to re-configure the system.But in solaris 11 ,this command has been replaced by “sysconfig” to un-configure or configure Solaris OS instances.There are three major operations will be perfomred using sysconfig command.Thoses are 


    If you use sysconfig command with option “unconfigure”,the  system will be unconfigured  and  left  in an un-configured  state.The ssh session will be terminated if you are running the “sysconfig unconfigure” from terminal.You should run this command in system console.

    root@Unixarena-SOL11:~# sysconfig unconfigure
    This program will unconfigure your system.
    The system will be reverted to a "pristine" state.
    It will not have a name or know about other systems or networks.
    Do you want to continue (y/[n])? y

    You can see the below messages on OS console.

    Now the system is completely un-configured and systems’s host name and id’s are completely removed.


      In configuration part, sysconfig command will work either  in interactive or in non-interactive. If you didn’t specify a profile,then sysconfig will initiate SCI Tool in interactive mode and it will ask the information like when you are installing Solaris 11.If you specify a profile in sub-command “configure”,system configures non-interactively.

      Note:Run the below command in console to reconfigure the system in interacitve mode.

      root@Unixarena-SOL11:~# sysconfig configure
      This program will re-configure your system.
      Do you want to continue (y/[n])? y
      Interactive configuration requested.
      System Configuration Interactive (SCI) tool will be launched on console.
      Since you are currently not logged on console,
      you may not be able to navigate SCI tool.
      Would you like to proceed with re-configuration (y/[n])?

      You will not get any warning message if you are running in console.You will get the initial installation setup screen in this process.Solaris 11 installation step by step guide step:9
      Just follow the steps and configure the system.

      In a order to perform Non-interactive ,you need a valid XML file.
      You can create a new XML using sysconfig profile creation method.This can be done without reboot.But defentely required system outage for few mintues. 
      Note:Note:Run the below command in console to reconfigure the system

      root@Unixarena-SOL11:~# sysconfig configure -c unixarena.xml
      This program will re-configure your system.
      Do you want to continue (y/[n])? y

      For scenario you have an un-configured  system and  want to reconfigure it using above method,Login as root in  console and follow the below steps.
      Configuration file should have valid extension (XML).See Profile creation.


      Profile creation:

      By default, this mode asks the same set of questions as the configure mode, but it saves
      your answers to a profile in /system/volatile/profile/sc_profile.xml, rather than making live changes to the operating systems.This xml file is useful for configuring automated installs in the same way the old sysidcfg file was used in jumpstart. If you want to save the configuration in specific file you ,then you have use -o option with file name.

      root@Unixarena-SOL11:~# sysconfig create-profile -o /var/tmp/unixarena.xml

      After executing the above command,you will get this kind of screen.Solaris 11 installation step by step guide step:9

      Thank you for reading .Please leave a comment if you have any doubt.I will get back to you.