How to copy the files from Unix to windows ? winscp

This is a command question among the Unix beginners and windows administrator that how to copy the files from windows to Unix operating system and vise-verse.In all the Unix/Linux operating system supports secure shell which is widely used.Its very secured compared to telnet and ftp. By default ssh uses the port 22. SFTP (secure file transfer protocol  & SCP (secure copy) also uses the same port. 

But windows operating system will not support ssh and there is no in-built ssh client to communicate to Unix machine.There is open source free software called WinSCP which supports SFTP client, SCP client, FTPS client and FTP client for Windows.

You can download the WinSCP from the below link.
The following screen shot will show you how to use winscp.
Open the winscp after installing it . 

By clicking the New tab you can start the new SFTP/SCP session.

In the hostname field you can enter hostname or IP address of the remote Unix machine .
In user name field,you need to enter remote Unix machine user name and enter password in the password field.

Note:Allow SCP fallback option, will re-connect to the remote host automatically if disconnects abnormally. 

In File protocol, you can either select SFTP or SCP .Both the protocol will use port 22 .

You will get below screen ,after logging in.

To copy the files ,you can just drag it . 

You will be prompted for copying the files. By clicking the transfer settings ,you can select the transfer file type like binary or text.

Once the copying is done,you can disconnect the session by choosing session->disconnect.
By using WINSCP tool we can easily transfer files from Unix to windows and windows to Unix operating system.

Thank you for reading this article .Please leave a comment if you have any doubt .I will get back to you.