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veritas volume manager installation step by step guide

This post describe about installation of  VXVM on Solaris node and initialization issues with vxvm after the package installation. Unlike other packages installation,we have installer available in storage foundation bundle to minimize the complex.So no need to use pkgadd commands unless until there is an issue with the installer.Here is step by step guide for vxvm installation with putty output.

Operating system:Solaris 10
Storage Foundation:6.0

you can download the veritas package bundles from Symantec website freely by just signing up in to.

Download the packages from Symantec and keep the package under /var/tmp.

bash-3.00# ls -lrt
drwxr-xr-x  15 root   root    22 Nov 29  2011 dvd2-sol_x64
-rwx------   1 root   root    924151296 Oct  3 23:50 VRTS_SF_HA_Solutions_6.0_Solaris_x64.tar
bash-3.00# cd dvd2-sol_x64
bash-3.00# ls -lrt |grep installer
total 95
-rwxr-xr-x   1 root     root        5278 Nov 29  2011 installer

Note:I have removed some unnecessary output in the installation process.

bash-3.00# ./installer
Logs are being written to /var/tmp/installer-201210032354IFr while installer is in progress.
    Storage Foundation and High Availability 
       Solutions 6.0 Install Program
Use the menu below to continue.
Task Menu:
P) Perform a Pre-Installation Check      I) Install a Product
C) Configure an Installed Product        G) Upgrade a Product
O) Perform a Post-Installation Check     U) Uninstall a Product
L) License a Product                     S) Start a Product
D) View Product Descriptions             X) Stop a Product
R) View Product Requirements             ?) Help
Enter a Task: [P,I,C,G,O,U,L,S,D,X,R,?] I
     1)  Veritas Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP)
     2)  Veritas Cluster Server (VCS)
     3)  Veritas Storage Foundation (SF)
     4)  Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability (SFHA)
     5)  Veritas Storage Foundation Cluster File System HA 
     6)  Symantec VirtualStore (SVS)
     7)  Veritas Storage Foundation for Oracle RAC 
     b)  Back to previous menu
Select a product to install: [1-7,b,q] 3
Do you agree with the terms of the End User License Agreement as specified in the
storage_foundation_high_availability/EULA/en/EULA_SFHA_Ux_6.0.pdf file present on media? [y,n,q,?] y
      Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 Install Program
     1)  Install minimal required packages - XXX MB required
     2)  Install recommended packages - XXXX MB required
     3)  Install all packages - XXXX MB required
     4)  Display packages to be installed for each option

Select the packages to be installed on all systems? [1-4,q,?] (2)
Enter the Solaris x64 system names separated by spaces: [q,?] node1

        Veritas Storage Foundation and High 
          Availability 6.0 Install Program
Logs are being written to /var/tmp/installer-201210032354IFr while installer is in progress
    Verifying systems: 100%
    Estimated time remaining: (mm:ss) 0:00                                                          8 of 8
    Checking system communication..........................Done
    Checking release compatibility.........................Done
    Checking installed product ............................Done
    Checking prerequisite patches and packages.............Done
    Checking platform version .............................Done
    Checking file system free space .......................Done
    Checking product licensing ............................Done
    Performing product prechecks ..........................Done
System verification checks completed
Press [Enter] to continue:

 1)  Enter a valid license key
 2)  Enable keyless licensing and complete system licensing later
How would you like to license the systems? [1-2,q] (2)

Checking system licensing
     1)  SF Standard HA
     2)  SF Enterprise HA
     b)  Back to previous menu

Select product mode to license: [1-2,b,q,?] (1)

Would you like to enable replication? [y,n,q] (n)

That's all about the storage foundation installation.
Just reboot the system to use VXVM.
bash-3.00# /usr/sbin/shutdown -y -i6 -g0
Troubleshooting vxvm initialization issue
After the system reboot,you may get below error messages while executing the commands.
bash-3.00# vxdctl enable
VxVM vxdctl ERROR V-5-1-1589 enable failed: Volboot file not loaded
bash-3.00# vxdisk list
VxVM vxdisk ERROR V-5-1-684 IPC failure: Configuration daemon is not accessible.

To fix the above errors,

bash-3.00# vxconfigd
bash-3.00# vxdctl init
bash-3.00# vxdctl enable
bash-3.00# vxdisk -e list
disk_0 auto:ZFS  -     -      ZFS     c1t0d0s2         -

Now you can see that init command created volboot for SF.

bash-3.00# cat /etc/vx/volboot
volboot 3.1 0.1 110
hostid node1
hostguid {b6208f08-0d8c-11e2-8046-000c2985ec00}.


Check out the wonderful VXVM commands Man page.
[showglossary gid=”1717″]
 All the VXVM command’s manual pages have been contributed by JAIS.

Thank you for reading this article.Please leave a comment if you have any doubt.I will get back to you.



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    I am not able install vertitas volume manager .i am getting error like attached image..pls let me know….

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    i got following error while install vxvm,
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    i got some error after system verification completed. i got following error.

    “The following errors were discovered on the systems:
    CPI ERROR V-9-20-1268 Unable to contact configures publishers on solaris

    The following warnings were discovered on the systems:
    CPI WARNING V-9-40-4970 To avoid a potential reboot after installation, you should modify the /etc/system file on solaris with the appropriate values, and reboot priot to package installation.
    Appropriate /etc/system file entries are shown below:
    set lwp_default_stksize=0*8000
    set rpcmod:svc_default_stksize=0*8000

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  13. hello. very good stuff. congrats.
    for those like me using redhat enterprise linux 6 to do the tutorial, kindly note that you may pay attention to two things during the installation:
    1 – there are some 32 bits packages to install:


    2 – vxfs module should fail to install , apply the following patch


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