How to provision new LUN in openfiler

In this article we are going to see how to provision new LUNS to specific target in openfiler.Since openfiler is based on Linux kernel, provisioning LUN is very easy if you know LVM(Logical volume manager).openfiler provides the web-based administration and its so easy for everyone.Just go through step by step guide to  provision new LUNS to specific target.By assigning luns to multiple targets will help to practice multi-pathing software like vxdmp in Solaris.

After installation of openfiler, we have added  couple of harddisks for creating new LUNS.As per the below snap, i have added two 8GB harddisks.

Note:You can access the openfiler webpage using https://ipaddress:446/
If you don’t know the password ,login to openfiler console as root and reset it. 

After logging to the openfiler,you will the below page.It will be the summary of the OS and hardware

Click on the “volumes” tab

Click on the create new physical volumes link or Block devices from right side panel.

Click on the /dev/sdb link to create physical volume. (It’s like pvcreate in Linux)

Repeat the same for /dev/sdc. Don’t click on /dev/sda since its root disk for openfiler.

Click on the volume groups from the right side panel to create new VG

 Give the volume group name and select the disks which you want to add it.

Now click on the Manage volumes and create new volume from sanvg

Here i have created the volumes with the size of 2g.

Click on the “services” tab to check the ISCSI services.

 Click on the ISCSI targets from right side panel and select “add”

Click on the LUN mapping tab.

Click on the “map” to map the LUNS to target iqn.2006-01.openfiler:tsn.58533bc21b9e

This target can added to any operating system.I have added iscsi target on Solaris operating system

Thank you for reading this article.Please leave a comment if you have any doubt ,i will get back to you as soon as possible.



  1. Hi,

    I am not able to discover newly created LUN on node 2 in cluster . Newly created LUN is discovering fine on node 1 in cluster.

    I am new to openfiler. Please help !!!!!

    Thanks in advance !!!


  2. I am new to openfiler. How to find newly created luns on openfiler machine after added it through GUI mode.
    and how to scan those luns on openfiler.