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How to install openfiler on vmware for shared storage

Openfiler is an operating system that provides block based storage area network and file based NAS using ISCSI protocol. Using this software ,we can setup shared storage for our cluster testing setup.I have installed the openfiler on vmware workstation and here is the step by step screenshot of installation

You can download latest openfiler from the below link.

Create new virtual machine like the one we have in the below snap.
Virtual system configuration:
1.Virtual CPU=1
2.Physical memory=400MB~
4.Network Adapter=1
5.CD/DVD Drive=1
No need to have sound card and floppy drive here.Just edit the virtual machine settings and remove it.

Power on the machine to begin the installation.In the first screen,you will get many options for OS recovery and upgrade.Since we are doing fresh installation,You just press enter to continue. 

Select Next to continue

Set the static IP address and Host name and this is the address which are going to use for openfiler-web based administration.Please make sure you providing the IP in same sub-net

Enter the hostname

Select the timezone

Openfiler installation finished 

Booting the Openfiler

Now you can login as root and reset password for openfiler account to access web portal

From web browser you can access web-based administration console.

Once the installation is done,then your next step will be provisioning volumes to iscsi targets.

Thank you reading this article.Please leave a comment if you have any doubt.I will get back to you.



  1. I am finding issues in installing OpenFile with RAM:384 and Disk size:8GB. At stage | at above snapshot number 6 from top. It is showing :

    " Could not aalocate requested partitions: Partition failed: Not enough space left to create partition for /. "

    Plz advise.

  2. Well I increased the disk Size to 12GB in place of 4Gb or 8GB and that Work with charm.

  3. After installing the open filer
    i opend the administrator but i'm able to view only four tabs those are Quota, password,language and logout… please suggest me what i do next

  4. After installing Openfiler 2.3 on Oracle Virtualbox, I'm getting the below message on console; but while trying to access the below path i'm getting page cannot be displayed error.

    Welcome to Openfiler NSA, version 2.3

    Web administration GUI:

    Also i checked the services under /sbin/service –status-all; the openfiler service is listed as below :

    openfiler (pid 2575 2573 2562) is running…

  5. Have you verified the connectivity between VM and your base OS? If you are able to ping the IP from base OS..it should work

  6. After installing the open filer
    i opend the administrator but i'm able to view only four tabs those are Quota, password,language and logout… please suggest me what i do next

  7. Saran@..how you have logged in ? as a root or openfiler ?

    You need to login as openfiler in order to perform provisioning .
    If you don't know the openfiler password ,login as a root from openfiler console and reset the password and try.
    Please refer the below link.

  8. Hi I am also getting same issue. I am unbale to ping from Guest OS to base OS. Pleas help.

  9. In windows box–>go to network setting–>Set the IP address on the same virtual machine network for those VMware NIC's and try.

    If still not working , in virtual machine, modify the NIC type to NAT or host-only and try.

  10. thanks Lingeswaran..its working

  11. I am facing issue to setup /Install Openfiler. after successfully installation reboot but nothing comes after ward just black screen. Any one knw the problem please help .


  12. i cannot access web gui of openfiler.i am insatlling open filer for rac.

  13. saikrishna bandreddi

    Hi everyone, i’m facing his problem while successful installation
    This site can’t be reached refused to connect.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    plz help me how to resolve this issue.

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