How to create a servicegroup using the cluster manager

This post will brief about creating new service group using Cluster manager GUI.Once you configured the vcs cluster,you need to create new service group for application and zones.This step by step guide will give you good overview about creating service group,adding new resources and creating the dependencies. 

Download the VCS cluster manager and install it in your Laptop.

Here we go ,Open the VCS manager .Click on add and give any one of the Node IP and login using vcs credentials. 

Here you can see your cluster name “arena”

Click on the add servicegroup icon.It will ask you make in read/write mode.Click yes to continue.

Enter servicegroup name and select the service group type as fail-over.Here you can see the actual commands as well.

After creating the new service group ,we have to add the cluster resources.

Here i am adding the diskgroup resources .

Next one will be volume resource

Adding the mount resource.

DG,VOLUME,MOUNT resources have been setup.Now we have to link the resources.

Click on the service group and select the resources.

Click on the “Link” tab and select the volume and drag it to dg .It will make volume as parent and dg as child.

Now you select Mount and drag it to volume.It will make mount as parent and volume as child .

Now you can see the resources are aligned properly.If you bring the SG online ,first will make dg online then volume the Mount .

If you want to modify any proprieties,click on the resource and select the property tab.


After adding the resources ,don’t forget to enable it.Do the same for volume and mount as well.

Bringing the servicegroup online on node1

Click on the cluster name and see the overview of the cluster.

Testing the switch over here.Make sure that mount point has been created on second node as well.Here i am switching the SG to node2.

While doing the switch over ,you can see how the resources are going down

 SG is coming up in node2

Now SG is completely online on node2.

If you want to check the cluster status in command level,login to any one of the node and run the below command.

attempting to connect....
attempting to connect....connected
group resource system message
--------------- -------------------- -------------------- --------------------
arenasg node1 OFFLINE
arenasg node2 ONLINE
zdg node1 OFFLINE
zdg node2 ONLINE
zonevol node1 OFFLINE
zonevol node2 ONLINE
mntzoravol1 node1 OFFLINE
mntzoravol1 node2 ONLINE
Arena-Node1#/opt/VRTS/bin/hastatus -sum
-- System State Frozen
A node1 RUNNING 0
A node2 RUNNING 0
-- Group System Probed AutoDisabled State
B arenasg node1 Y N OFFLINE
B arenasg node2 Y N ONLINE

Here you can see volume /zoravol1 is mounted on node2.
Arena-Node2#df -h /zoravol1
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
3.0G 18M 2.8G 1% /zoravol1
In the next post we will see how to add zone as resource  in VCS 5.1 

Thank you for reading this article.Please leave a comment if you have any doubt ,i will get back to you as soon as possible.


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