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Solaris 10 installation on vmware workstation

In this post we will see how to install Solaris 10 OS with ZFS root filesystem using the DVD.I will be installing Solaris 10 X86 on a vmware workstation .Create a virtual machine like the one we have configured here.

Power on the virtual machine.It will boot from Solaris DVD.

Your installation begin here.
 Select 4  for ZFS root filesystem.
 Select  the keyboard layout.
 Select the language.Here I have selected ENGLISH
 Just Press F2 to continue
  Just Press F2 to continue
 Select Networking 
 Select DHCP option.If you are going static IP select No here
 Enter the unique hostname
 Enter the static IP address for this host.
 Select YES and continue.
 Select the sub-net for this host.
 we are using IPV4 and we don;t want IPV6 now.So select No continue
 Verify the information and continue
If you don’t want to configure security,select NO and continue
 Select None and continue if you don’t have name server configured

 Select the TIMEZONE
 Select data and time

 Enter the root password for this machine

 Just leave it blank and continue
 Select standard and continue

 Don’t select anything,Just continue here. 

 Select your root filesystem type.Here i have selected as ZFS

 OS installation has been completed. Rebooting
 Now your OS is booting 

You can login as root and play on Solaris .

Thank you for reading this article.

Please leave a comment if you have any doubt ,i will get back to you as soon as possible.


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  1. Thanks for this nice screen shot. It was really helpful to quickly revise 🙂