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How to add new filesystem in VCS cluster ?

Normally after creating the filesystem, we will add it in vfstab to mount automatically across the server reboot.But this will be different if your system is part of VCS cluster.Normally all the application filesystem will be managed VCS to mount the filesystem whenever the cluster starts and we shouldn’t add it in vfstab.Here we are going to see how to add new filesystem in existing VCS cluster on fly. 

Its a tricky job because if filesystem resource is set as critical and its not mounted on the system,it will bring down the entire service  group once you enabled the resource.So before enabling the resource,we need to make sure, resource attribute set as non-critical.  

This is an example that how to add new filesystem on two node vcs cluster without any downtime.
Cluster Nodes: Node1,Node2
Diskgroup name:ORAdg 
Volume Name:oradata01 
Mount Point:/ORA/data01
Service Group:ORAsg
Volume Resource Name:oradata01_Vol
Mount Resource Name:oradata01_Mount
Diskgroup Resource Name:ORADG

Creating the new volume:

#vxassist -g ORAdg make oradata01 100g ORA_12 ORA_12 layout=mirror

Creating the vxfs filesystem
#newfs -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/ORAdg/oradata01       

Create mount point on both servers.

#mkdir –p /ORA/data01
In Second node also create the mount point.
#mkdir –p /ORA/data01 

Modify the cluster configuration in read/write mode

# haconf –makerw

Create a volume resource called oradata01_Vol specifying the diskgroup (ORAdg).

# hares -add oradata01_Vol Volume ORAsg
VCS NOTICE V-16-1-10242 Resource added. Enabled attribute must be set before agent monitors
# hares -modify oradata01_Vol Critical 0
# hares -modify oradata01_Vol DiskGroup ORAdg
# hares -modify oradata01_Vol Volume oradata01
# hares -modify oradata01_Vol Enabled 1

Create a mount resource called oradata01_Mount with the mounting instructions for the filesystem.

# hares -add oradata01_Mount Mount ORAsg
VCS NOTICE V-16-1-10242 Resource added. Enabled attribute must be set before agent monitors
# hares -modify oradata01_Mount Critical 0
# hares -modify oradata01_Mount MountPoint /ORA/data01
# hares -modify oradata01_Mount BlockDevice /dev/vx/dsk/ORAdg/oradata01
# hares -modify oradata01_Mount FSType vxfs
# hares -modify oradata01_Mount FsckOpt %-y
# hares -modify oradata01_Mount Enabled 1

Unfreeze the SG

#hagrp –unfreeze ORAsg

Bring the resource volume online on node1.

# hares -online oradata01_Vol -sys node1
# hares -online oradata01_Mount -sys node1

Verify the filesystem is mounted or not .If it’s mounted, then proceed.

Freeze the SG back
#hagrp –freeze ORAsg  -persistent

Make the resources are critical:

# hares -modify oradata01_Vol Critical 1
# hares -modify oradata01_Mount Critical 1 

Creating the dependencies for new filesystem:

# hares –link oradata01_Vol ORADG1
# hares –link oradata01_Mount oradata01_Vol
# hares –link ORA_Oracle oradata01_Mount

Make the cluster configuration in read-only

#haconf -dump -makero

Thank you for reading this article.Please leave a comment if you have any doubt ,i will get back to you as soon as possible.

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  1. Hi,
    What is ORA_Oracle in below command as per your above article.
    hares –link ORA_Oracle oradata01_Mount