Thursday , August 21 2014

Oracle Solaris 11.2′s Virtual components

Openstack on Solaris 11.2

What are the virtual components available in Oracle Solaris 11.2 ? Since Oracle Solaris 11.2 supports openstack (for cloud deployment), what are the core components have been virtualized? In this article,we will see the virtual components  and how it will be useful in real life.For an example, if you want to provision 10 local zones with exclusive IP, You need ... Read More »

Oracle VM for X86 Tutorial

OVM networking featured

UnixArena offers free tutorial on Oracle VM for X86 . Oracle VM is an Oracle’s enterprise  virtualization  technology for SPARC and X86 hardwares. Oracle VM for SPARC is supported only through Oracle’s T-series servers which is built on SPARC processor(RISC Architecture & only Solaris Guest supported).Oracle VM for X86 is an X86 based hypervisor which is similar to VMware’s vSphere ... Read More »

Solaris 11 – IPS repository issues and Fixes

Solaris IPS issues and fixes

This article is going to discuss about Image packaging system repository(IPS)’s real time issues and fixes. When i have started working on Solaris 11, i have faced lot of issues with IPS and that too happens only after the IPS deployment.  You need to either online or local repository(offline) to install package,update the Operating system and install the zones. But most ... Read More »

How to create IPS repository in Solaris 11.2 ?

Repo-Solaris 11.2

Image packaging system(IPS) repository is one of the important element from Solaris 11 onwards. For an example, to install any new package or install the zones, you need IPS repository.In Solaris 11.2 release, oracle automated the IPS little bit by providing the script to merge the piece  of repo files and performing the checksum automatically. We just need to download ... Read More »

Converting native zone as Kernel zone – Solaris 11.2

Kernel zone migration

on Oracle Solaris 11.2, as we have already seen that kernel zones are completely isolated from the global zone. Oracle Solaris 11.2 kernel zones supports both backwards and forwards compatibility which means you can also run oracle Solaris 11.3(When it release) on the kernel zone where your global zone can still with oracle Solaris 11.2  In most of the Solaris 11 ... Read More »

RVTools – Best VMware vSphere information Gathering tool

RVtools Author

RVtools is one of the best windows application which provides the great information about VMware vSphere environment. This tool has been written by Rob de Veij and you can download this tool from freely. If you want to use this tool for commercial use , do not hesitate to donate to him. VEEAM backup software company is already acknowledge his great ... Read More »

How to install OS patch bundle on Solaris 11 ?

Solaris 11 upgrade

This article is going to explain that how to update the Solaris 11.1 . Most of the Solaris administrators will search for Solaris 11 OS patch bundle like how we use to get for Solaris 10 but you won’t get it. In Solaris 11 , oracle removed the word called “patches” from their dictionary.  Instead of that we have to ... Read More »