Thursday , April 24 2014
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Solaris Guests on VMware ESXI – Industry’s Best Practice

VMware Solaris guest Industry's best practices

VMware ESXi servers transform datacenters into scalable and aggregated infrastructure along with vCenter Server. VMware provides platform to use the various services on single physical node.For an example,We can have different Linux flavours,Solaris x86 and windows operating systems on same box as virtual guests using VMware vSphere . As we all know Oracle SUN SPARC hardware is too costly and ... Read More »

Openssl Heartbleed bug on Solaris and Linux

heartbleed Solaris Redhat linux

Most of the system administrators and developers are re-directed to fix the openssl’s most threatening bug which is named as heartbleed .Two years ago , openssl has added new extension called heartbeat. Heartbeat actually keep the session alive for a bit ,so that communication will not be broken.Where as in typical SSL, connection will be terminated immediately if the connection ... Read More »

Heartbleed vulnerability on VMware ESXI 5.5 and Vcenter 5.5

heartbleed vmware

Openssl is an opensource software which  is widely used for implementing the transport layer security like SSL and TSL. Openssl provides a  cryptographic functions and lot of other functions. Almost two years ago ,there is new function injected to openssl version  1.0.1 which is called heartbeat. What the heartbeat  protocol does on openssl ? Heartbeat keep the secure connection alive for ... Read More »

LDOM console write access issue – Solaris

LDOM write access

Now a days i have mostly  dealing with oracle VM for SPARC on T-4 servers.(LDOM). As we all know that hardware console can be writable for only one user at a time and if you take the second session , it will automatically connect in read only mode unless you use the force option. The same way oracle VM for ... Read More »

How to upgrade zpool version on solaris ?

zpool/rpool upgrade on solaris

zpool version needs to be upgrade whenever you are performing the OS patching .Because the newer version of zpool offers the more functionality  and fixes a lot bugs. zpool upgrade can be performed on the fly without any impact to the data pools and rpool. But you need to consider lot of things prior the zpool upgrade. Because once you ... Read More »

How to Upgrade ilom firmware on oracle sun servers ?

SP will restart now

Oracle is mainly focusing on ILOM hardware  console for their x86 and SPARC Blade servers. Only M-series servers are having  XSCF prompt for dynamic domain configuration. In this article, we are going to see how to upgrade the system ilom firmware and BIOS for x86,openboot prompt for SPARC on oracle (sun)blade servers.System administrators should maintain the latest version of ilom and ... Read More »

VMware – How to Add/Remove VMnic(uplinks) on DVswitch ?

Summary of Adding uplinks

Redundancy is much more important in virtualization environments since you never know how many virtual components will be impacted if you loose one physical hardware part.When its comes to VMware networking , you can share a single vmnic to N-number of virtual hosts.So one of the physical interface failure could cause big outage on the environment. So the best practice ... Read More »