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How to Measure the bandwidth between Linux / Solaris hosts ?

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All the new servers are shipping with 10 Gbps built-in network adapters .  At the same time, servers are virtualized and one physical server may hosts many virtual servers. For an example, VMware ESXi hypervisor will be directly installed on physical server and multiple VM’s will be created on top of that. So all the VM’s will share the same 10Gbps network interface. That’s why throughput will not ...

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Cloudstats.me – The Next-Gen Server Monitoring Platform

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Cloudstats.me  is the Next-Gen server/website monitoring platform which suits for  Linux, windows servers and enterprise websites. I have been worked with several enterprise monitoring tools but Cloudstats stands out with it’s simplicity. You no need to spend thousands of dollors to  buy the monitoring software and hire the resources to setup the  monitoring services platform.  Also you no need to spend ...

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How to Generate and Measure IOPS in VMware Guest ?

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Are you a system architect ? Are you planning to convert the physical servers to VM ?  If yes, perform the IOPS test on the physical machines prior to migrating it to VM. If you have test virtual machine in the targeted  VMware infrastructure, perform the similar IOPS test to compare the results. If the results are almost same or ...

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How to Connect vBenchmark to vCenter Server ?

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Once you have deployed the vBenchmark appliance , you can access the web portal using the vBenchmark IP address which is configured automatically (DHCP) while deploying it.(You can find the IP address of the appliance in the VM console).  In vBenchmark webpage, you need to enter the VMware vCenter IP address/Hostname and credentials to generate the benchmark reports. Your vCenter server may ...

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How to Deploy vBenchmark on VMware vSphere ?

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vBenchmark is an appliance which provides the web interface to measure the performance of your VMware virtual infrastructure. It helps to identify the efficient resource utilization on your VMware environment. It  will also show you averages across your environment, such as the average configured amount of RAM/CPU per VM or GB of storage consumed. By reading your environment, it shows the calculation that how much time require ...

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