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NetApp – Configuring the Two Node Cluster – Part 6

NetApp 6 Node cluster

This article will demonstrates that how to configure the NetApp (Clustered ONTAP) two node cluster. Since I am going to use the simulator for this demonstration, we can’t virtualize the HA pair controllers. I will use two separate nodes to form the cluster with switch-less configuration(Assuming that direct cluster inter-connect cabling is done between nodes). In an order to form ...

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NetApp – Clustered DATA ONTAP – Write Operations – Part 5

NetApp - Write Operations - Direct Access

This article is going to explain about the Netapp write operations. In Clustered Data ONTAP , write request might land on any of the cluster node irrespective of the storage owners. So that data write operations will be either direct access or indirect access. The Write requests will not send to the disks immediately until CP ( consistency point) occurs . NVRAM ...

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NetApp – Clustered DATA ONTAP – Read Operations – Part 4

Indirect Data Access - read Operations

There is a huge difference between DATA ONTAP 7 Mode and C-Mode on  data access methods.  In 7-Mode, we will be having HA pair controllers to access the data. When the request comes , it will go to any one of the HA controllers.  But in C-Mode , Multiple controllers will be aggregated in the cluster and the request might land on ...

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NetApp – Clustered DATA ONTAP – FAS Series – Part -3

Single Chassis HA-Pair

NetApp FAS unified storage arrays available in wide range of configurations to meet the current business needs. Clustered Data ONTAP operating system is available for all the FAS unified storage arrays. Each of the Netapp FAS platforms can be configured with SATA, SAS, or SSD disk shelves, and shelves can be mixed. This allows you to scale performance and capacity independently. Using NetApp FlexArray ...

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NetApp – Clustered DATA ONTAP – Objects and Components – Part 2

NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP

This article is going to explain about the NetApp  clustered DATA ONTAP’s  physical objects and virtual objects.  Physical elements of a system such as disks, nodes, and ports on those nodes―can be touched and seen. Logical elements of a system cannot be touched, but they do exist and use disk space.   For the NetApp beginners , the initial Netapp series ...

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