Wednesday , July 23 2014

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How to create a new VM template on VMware vSphere ?

VMware Template

What is VM templates ?  How it is going to help on automatic VM provisioning ? If you are scratching your head for these asked questions , just go though this article. A VM template is a master copy of the virtual machine which can be used to create a new virtual machines in a few clicks.Normally template will be ... Read More »

Host cannot prepare – vCloud Director agent installation

Final status

This article is going to demonstrate how we can resolve  VMware vCloud agent installation issue on ESXi 5.5 servers. When you add an clustered  ESXi hosts to vCloud Director , you have to prepare the host before a provider vDC can use its resources. During the preparation, vCloud director tries to install vCloud agent on ESXi hosts but sometimes it fails ... Read More »

How do you troubleshoot if VCS cluster is not starting ?

VCS troubleshooting

How do you start VCS cluster if its not started automatically after the  server reboot?  Have you ever faced such  issues ? If not just see how we can fix these kind of issues on veritas cluster. I have been asking this questions on the Solaris interviews but most of them are fail to impress me by saying some unrelated ... Read More »

How to Deploy and configure VMware vShield Manager ?

vShield Manager web-login page

This article will help you to deploy and configure the vShield manager appliance on vSphere environment. We should deploy   vShield Manager to provide the network services to vCloud director. Each vCenter server which you are adding to vCloud director must be associated with one vShield manager . vShield manager is the central management pane to manage all the vShield ... Read More »