Saturday , March 28 2015


How to update Oracle Solaris 11.2 – SRU

solaris 11.2

This article will talk about the Oracle Solaris 11.2 SRU update (Jan 2015).  Oracle’s ultimate goal is to make the Solaris patching like Redhat Linux satellite server patching model. There are some companies would like to stick with the legacy OS patching model instead of going for the IPS patching method(Downloading the OS patch bundle and updating it ). Here ... Read More »



The another heartbreaking news for Linux administrators and users. The serious vulnerability has been detected on the Linux glibc library and they named this vulnerability as “GHOST” .The GNU C Library (glibc) is an implementation of the standard C library and a core part of the Linux operating system. This vulnerability  allows hackers/attackers to take complete control of the system without knowing the system ... Read More »

vC Ops Manager 5.8 License Management – Part 5

vC Ops - Logo2

This article will help you to update the license keys for vCenter operation Manager 5.8 .Once we have deployed the vC Ops ,we need to assign the proper license key to get all the features of the vC Ops. If your product is working on the foundation license mode, it won’t give you any historical data and capacity information which we ... Read More »

Configuring the vCenter Operations Manager 5.8 – Part 4

vC Ops - Logo

This article will help you to configure the vCenter Operating Manager 5.8 . Once you have deployed the vC Ops using the OVA file , new vApps will be created along with  two new VM’s. (Analytics VM & UI VM). When you power on the vApps , Analytics VM gets power on and it takes nearly 10 minutes  to initialize. There are plenty ... Read More »

Deploying vCenter Operation Manager 5.8 – Part 3

Deploy vC ops new

VMware provides the vC Ops installable software for windows & Linux.VMware also provides the pre-configured vApps to deploy vCenter Operation manager in few clicks and this will be the most common method. If you plan to install it on Linux or Windows hosts, you need to buy license for operating systems  along with vC Ops. But when you deploy vC Ops ... Read More »