Saturday , August 2 2014

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How to install OS patch bundle on Solaris 11 ?

Solaris 11 upgrade

This article is going to explain that how to update the Solaris 11.1 . Most of the Solaris administrators will search for Solaris 11 OS patch bundle like how we use to get for Solaris 10 but you won’t get it. In Solaris 11 , oracle removed the word called “patches” from their dictionary.  Instead of that we have to ... Read More »

How VMware vSphere is saving physical memory ?

Memory Compression - Vmware

There are lot of  discussions is  going on the blogs,social media’s about the vSphere’s VM memory management. So i had just came up with VM’s memory analysis on the last article. But i haven’t explained the  memory saving techniques  on that article. Here we are going to discuss about that. If you look at the vSphere client’s resource allocation tab, ... Read More »

How to calculate the vSphere’s VM memory usage ?

Consumed Memory

To understand, VMware’s memory management required some sort of skills. Because it had bounded  with many technologies like sharing the memory between virtual machines(TPS) , compressing the memory content, Eliminating the duplicate memory content etc…As a Unix/Linux/Windows admin , we can login to guest VM and check the current memory usage at the VM level. But to understand, how the ... Read More »

How to create a new VM template on VMware vSphere ?

VMware Template

What is VM templates ?  How it is going to help on automatic VM provisioning ? If you are scratching your head for these asked questions , just go though this article. A VM template is a master copy of the virtual machine which can be used to create a new virtual machines in a few clicks.Normally template will be ... Read More »